The SACCHI brand has been known as one of Rome's artistic jewellers since the mid-twentieth century when, in 1946, Agostino Sacchi transformed part of what was his home, on the first floor in the via della Palombella, a stone's throw from the Pantheon, into a real, specialised goldsmith's workshop.

Among the first in Rome to use the "lost-wax" casting technique to create three-dimensional sculptures and jewellery pieces, Agostino sought from the beginning to offer creations inspired by the jewellery of ancient Rome, reworking these in modern style. Soon, thanks to his originality and professionalism, he became a part of Rome's excellence in goldsmithing.

The sixties saw the Sacchi company establishing itself as a point of reference for an ever increasing clientele: the production of strictly hand-crafted jewellery, a symbol of the nascent "Handmade in Italy" movement, was in demand both in Italy and abroad, and commissions from the Vatican also became important.

In the mid-seventies, Agostino's son, Corrado, began to collaborate with him, bringing innovative ideas to the business and giving life to different lines of contemporary jewellery. These became available in the new Boutique, which opened at that time, also on the via della Palombella. Upon Agostino's passing in 1978, Corrado fully became his successor, continuing the traditional craftsmanship that still characterises the company today: innovating, experimenting with new forms, creating jewellery that looks to the future but also, at its heart, draws upon a past that cannot be less than inspiring.

For several years, Corrado's sons, Andrea and Filippo, have actively participated in the family business, which thus continues into its third generation.