Sacchi jewellery pieces are artisanal products, made and finished by hand, and can be worn with confidence. However, we recommend storing them with due care by placing each piece in a suitable box or soft cloth pouch, avoiding contact and therefore friction with other jewellery.


Cleaning and Polishing

Thanks to the satin finish achieved with the lost-wax technique, our items of jewellery maintain their polish and shine for a long time. However, on request, our workshop is able to perform a simple cleaning service or, in cases where it is necessary, a full polishing service to restore the original look of the Sacchi jewellery piece.


Repair and Restyling

Our workshops will provide professional assistance to return your jewellery to its original condition after breakage, loss of stones or loss of shine due to accidental causes. We are also at your disposal for resizing rings, necklaces, bracelets or other items; stringing pearls, corals, turquoises etc.; jewellery restyling, engraving and general repairs.